No. We are not a bulk mailer or mass mailer service. We ourselves use Mailchimp and have been very happy with their product. 

Exotel uses email as a mechanism to notify you and your co-workers about the events that happen in your phone system. Some events that you can configure exotel to notify you are:

  • Missed call
  • Unattended call
  • Outbound Call
  • Customer Voicemail
  • Call assignment from co-worker to you
  • Report download availability etc.  

For more details on what call notifications, Please read "What notifications do I get?".

As you can see, Exotel can intimate you & your colleagues about call & sms related events. But, if you want to send emails to your customers, then you would have to choose a mass mailer service. And these days, there are many email marketing services