Many Indian businesses receive a majority of their leads & support requests through phone calls rather than email. So, Wouldn't it be cool if exotel can also double up as a CRM

Actually - No. There are a number of excellent CRM options available out there, so it does not make sense to try to force a CRM into exotel. Also, We continue to provide a number of ways to integrate exotel into your CRM. But, what if you don't need, not interested in or do not want to pay additionally for a CRM? Read on:

  • There are a number of handy & helpful new search options available with our upgraded search. Read about them here. Particularly of interest to us are calls that we missed. So, by searching for the following, we get a list of all the missed calls. 

  • Now, let's say you want to return the first all, Click and open the "details" page and set the status to pending so that no one else tries to call them in the meantime. 

  • Now, Click on the Call button right next to the number to make the outbound call. After you finish the conversation, write a private note with your comments: 
Message   voicemail from 08951125403 at Aug 8  2013 01 24 37   Exotel.png

  • Now mark the Status as "Closed". And that is it. 

A few variants. Lets say you are the manager and you want to assign a missed call to someone: 

And once you do this, The agent (In this case, Shivakumar Ganesan) will get an email intimation which looks like this:

Agent could now only look at the tickets assigned to him using the "Filters" button right next to search. 

Also, Starting August 2013, All incoming calls picked up by an agent are auto assigned to him and marked as "OPEN" for reference. Something like this: