Once your Exotel Balance goes negative, you will not be able to make/receive any calls/SMS.

Hence to help you keep your balance healthy we send you the following alerts via SMS and Emails. Hence it is important that you register with a genuine phone number/email that you regularly use.

1) Send you Low Balance Alerts 4 days in advance once we detect that your balance might go negative

2 ) Once your account goes negative we will send out Daily Recharge Reminders  to help you top up your account for 10 days.

If the account balance remains negative for more than  10 days, we close your account. The reason we do this is because you are holding  a number, which is a resource that costs money.

Once an account is closed, the following would happen

  • All your numbers will be put back into the pool so that other people can buy them. You can no longer recover this number.
  • All your users and user's data will be deleted. This means, none of employees will be able to login and hence their inbox data will be lost. 
  • An internal mail will be generated to our accounts department. They will cross and settle all the pending dues and get in touch with you (typically over email) to either pay the money back to you or ask you to pay. 

Deleting an account is final. Data lost will be lost forever. You can always come back to register a new account with us to start afresh. 

There are many ways to top up your Exotel Account. It is documented here .