Every new number that you add to your Exotel account needs to be verified that it actually belongs to you! 

We remind you about this in a few places. Whenever an unverified user logs into their account, they will notice a popup that will have all the information they need to verify their number. 

This annoying popup will disappear immediately after verification! In case you missed this, you can go to the Co-workers and groups page and click on "UNVERIFIED" right next to your name and you will see this popup again!

These popups will talk about the following two ways of verifying your number:

Give a missed call:

Give a missed call from the number that is registered with Exotel. The phone number displayed next to the "UNVERIFIED" note is your number registered with Exotel. Once you give a missed call, the UNVERIFIED sign will go away and you can start using Exotel right away. To trigger a missed call, your number should have outgoing enabled. Also, such a missed call is ideally free as it is not picked up by Exotel (however, it may vary based on your carrier plan).

Any one of the following numbers can be dialed for verifying the number:

CountryVerification Numbers
India+91-9513885656(SGP stamp)/02249360005(Mum stamp)
United States of America+1-7182858941
United Arab Emirates+971-45405858

Please note that once you call the verification number, Exotel will disconnect the call after two or three rings. However, if it doesn't disconnect automatically, you can choose to disconnect the call yourself after it rings and your number should be verified after this. 

Once the number is verified your number should look something like shown in the picture above.

Update for Indian accounts: Starting April 2018, our default number in the trial account will be +91-9513886363. Our on/off toggle switch number will be +91-9513885656. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.