There are three main reasons for this occurrence. This is what happens when you place an outbound call from your Exotel dashboard. 

As soon as you click on the 'Call' button, Exotel places a call from your Exotel number to your number(the registered number). Once you pick up the call(Leg1 of the call), Exotel then triggers a call to the dialled number(Leg2 of the call). If all is well, the call should now be connected to the callee. You may not get a call on your number for the following reasons: 

1) Your number is switched off (doh!).

2) Your number is not reachable.

3) There is an operator level connection problem (Eg: Calls from Tata to Vodafone are failing).

Ok. What can I do now?

You can try a couple of things here. If your phone was on and if you had not got the call, please try restarting your phone. This step should resolve the problem. If not, try calling your number from another number and check if the call goes through fine. 

Did call go through fine?

Raise a support ticket by sending an email to with details like your username, the number you tried calling and the time of the call or you can choose to contact us on +91-8088919888 if you would like to speak with us. We will be happy to assist.