Short video:

We have completely automated the billing process and simplified invoice delivery.

  • No hard copies. All digitally signed invoices will be dispatched by email, post billing every month within the first week.

  • Folks who choose to register can add their email IDs under My-Account-> My Company Info > Billing Email Address -

  • All other admins in your Exotel account will receive an email with the link to the URL from where they can download the invoices.

  • By chance you want to send the notifications to an email that doesn't belong to an admin, you can do so by specifying these emails in a comma-separated format here:


Now, for the solutions:

  • The person who registered the account is no longer with my company. What should I do?

  • I want a hard-copy to submit to the accounting team

    • Considering we moved to digitally signed invoices post GST implementation in 2017 and because we think it is easier for you to just download and forward the invoice internally if needed for further approvals. Also, saving the planet!

  • I still want to receive the invoices by email