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To create a Popup for an agent when he receives a call, this needs to be configured in connect applet in the call flow. In the connect applet, you need to go to the section titled "Create popup...", shown below.

Here, enter the endpoint URL where the data has to be pushed to create the popup.

When configured with a URL, Exotel will pass on to that URL details of the agent who is currently being called. It makes a GET request to the URL with the following query parameters:

CallSidstring; unique identification for every single call
Fromstring; the number of the caller (customer in this case)
DialWhomNumberstring, the number of the agent
Statusbusy: Status is sent as 'busy' when the above agent is being called.
free: Status is sent as 'free' when the call to the above agent ends. The free status will also be triggered, when the call ends or the call didn't go through or the agent didn't pick up the call.
string, This shall have values of  " Dial", "Ringing""Answered", "Terminal"

NOTE:- To get a Ringing event or Answered event in the connect applet, it needs to be enabled by Exotel for your account

Note: The ringing event is dependent on the operator and it may not be reported if the operator doesn't provide it in certain cases. If the ringing event is not available then the RingDuration is set as 0.

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