Once you have purchased an ExoPhone in the ExoPhones section, you are ready to make outbound calls. You can also refer to the video attached below this support for video tutorials.  

NOTE: The KYC is mandatory for all Indian users for making outgoing calls. Complete your verification on the KYC Docs page: https://my.exotel.com/exotel/settings/kyc before you want to do an outbound call from the dashboard. 

You can refer to the video attached below this support for video tutorials.  

How to Trigger Outbound Calls: 

  • Login to your Exotel dashboard.

  • Make sure that you are switched on.

  • Click on the "Call" button in the top left section, and you'll get a popup like this:

  • In the text box, enter the phone number that you want to be connected to. For landline numbers please enter the STD code as well. Click 'Call'.

  • The system will first call you on the number you have entered as 'Your Phone Number' under the Co-workers and groups section

  • Pick that call & then the system will call the person whose number you entered. Once they pick up, both of you can talk. The conversation is recorded and stored in the inbox just like all other calls.

Advanced options

Connecting a number to a pre-configured app

Calling a number and linking it to an app are further options. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Click on the Call button and enter the number in the "Dial" section.

  • Click the "Advanced section". It opens up a couple of more options. 

  • to In the "Connect To" dropdown, choose the app that you wish to connect the number to

  • Click on the "Call" button.

    The end-user will be connected to the call flow and the call gets routed or a greeting message plays depending on the call flow that you have chosen.

Can I choose the different ExoPhone to dial out of?

You might have more than one ExoPhone available on your account and might wish to dial out of a different ExoPhone. That's easy to do.

  • Under the "Advanced" section, choose the ExoPhone from the "From" dropdown and click "Call". Once chosen - That number will now become your default until you change it once again.


Generally, a will call takes a few seconds to land on your phone.

There might be times when you initiate the call and the call doesn't land on your phone. In such cases, you can try the following:

  • Check if your mobile/landline number is reachable by asking a colleague to call. Observe the time it takes for the call to land on your number. If it takes anything more than 7-8 seconds, it might be a network problem to connect to your mobile/landline number.

  • It might be a temporary issue with your current ExoPhone. If you have an alternate ExoPhone, use that by following the steps above (Under Can I choose the ExoPhone to dial out of)

  • If you don't have an alternate ExoPhone, and if your mobile/landline number is reachable, wait for a couple of minutes and try again.

  • If the call still doesn't connect, click on the Support button at the bottom of your inbox.

     You'll get a popup like this:

  • Specify the details of the issue such as - when did the problem start? Is it continuous or intermittent? Do the other co-workers in your organization get calls from Exotel? Make sure you click on the Take a screenshot option and send us the screenshot. This will help us debug better.

  • Finally, click Send Feedback


If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.

Video reference attached.