the Exotel Salesforce Integration enables the contextual association of calls with contacts module. It enables the user to have Incoming Call intimation, visualize the call details along with call recordings and provide Click2Call capabilities. Seamless integration for enhanced sales productivity and a better experience.


For the pricing details, please contact your Account manager or Support team.

Key Benefits:

  1. Call Intimations - Get the notification on your Salesforce dashboard, whenever an incoming call comes on to your customer-facing Exotel Number or an outbound call is initiated from Salesforce
  2. Automated Call log Creation - Ability to create/update a call log and associate the call with it. Automatic call log creation for Missed Calls
  3. Click2Call - Initiate a call between you and your customer, directly from the Salesforce
  4. Call Details - Call Recordings and Call Duration getting automatically added to the call logs.
  5. User Mapping - Map Exotel Agents to Salesforce Users and enable Click-2-Call.
  6. Missed call activity - Get the activities created for missed calls so as to reach customers later




Follow the following prerequisites and steps to configure the integration both at Exotel and Salesforce end.

Prerequisites : 

In the AppBazaar, go to the Salesforce static app and enter your details after clicking on the "Show your Interest" button- https://my.exotel.com/apps/show/salesforce_app.
The support team can assist further with the integration.

In order to have a successful integration with the Salesforce account, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Sign up for an Exotel Account.

  2. Verify your account through phone or email. 

  3. Get your account KYC verified.

  4. Purchase ExoPhone to be used by  Salesforce users/agents for inbound and outbound calls.

  5. From the API section, make a note of Account SID, API Key, and API Token


Setting up of Exotel and Salesforce Connector Integration

Step 1: Configure Salesforce Plugin Call flow


In order to create the Salesforce Plugin Call flow, follow these five steps:

  1. Go to the ‘App Bazaar’ section and under ‘Custom Apps’ click on the ‘Create’ button

  2. Provide the App Name and click on OK.

  3. Add a Connect Applet



  • In the Dial Whom Section, please configure the below URL as the primary URL.

URL:  https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/dialwhom?<AccountSid>&<AccountUid>

E.g:  https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/dialwhom?AccountSid=1234&AccountUid=1234

  • Under the ‘Create popup…’ section, enter this URL (modify the Exotel account name in it by your Exotel account name)

URL:  https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/agentpopup?<accountSId>&<AccountUid>

E.g:  https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/agentpopup?AccountSid=1234&AccountUid=1234


  • After the Call Conversation ends, add a Passthru. In that passthrough enter this URL (change the CallState):

URL: https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/passthru?<AccountSid>&<AccountUid>&callState=Answered


E.g: https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/passthru?AccountSid=1234&AccountUid=1234&callState=Answered


  • In the section ‘If Nobody Answers..’, select 'Go To' and add a Passthru. Enter the pass-thru URL (change the CallState) as:

URL: https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/passthru?<AccountSid>&<AccountUid>&callState=missedCall


E.g: https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/passthru?AccountSid=1234&AccountUid=1234&callState=missedCall

  • In the section ‘If Not Connected..’, select 'Go To' and add a Passthru. Enter the pass-thru URL (change the CallState) as:

URL: https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/passthru?<AccountSid>&<AccountUid>&callState=notConnected


E.g: https://api.exosalesforce.cocreate.exotel.com/sfdc/api/inbound/passthru?AccountSid=1234&AccountUid=1234&callState=notConnected


4. Save the flow and click on Close.


Step 2: Associate the call flow to the ExoPhones

  1. Go to the ExoPhones section 

  2. Click on the button ‘Assign ExoPhones to Flow’ and select the flow created in Step 2 with the ExoPhone and click on ‘Attach Flow’

  3. In the subsequent pop-up, click on OK and you can see the flow getting associated with ExoPhone.


Step 3: Enable Integration - Salesforce App Installation

  1. Login into the Salesforce account 

  2. Install the Exotel CTI package so that it is visible under the Salesforce apps section

  3. .Add the phone utility in your toolbar to view the dialer application. Steps to add phone utility in your Exotel CTI adapter.

    • Go to setup → App Manager → search Exotel CTI → Click edit (refer to below image)



 3. From app settings select utility items → click add utility item → search Open CTI Softphone (refer to below image)



4. Configure your Exotel account-related settings in the Exotel configuration. Refer to the below image,


Enter the Account SID, API Key, API Token and Region of your corresponding Exotel account.

The value of the region field will depend on the subdomain, for example, if your account is set up at my.exotel.com the region will be Singapore else the region would be Mumbai.

Step 4: User Mapping

  1. Create a new Salesforce User. Follow the below steps to create a new Salesforce user.

       Go to Setup → Under Administration select users → select users and click on the new user button to create a new user (refer to the below image),


2.  Once the salesforce user is created, the newly created user/agent should be added to the call centre (EXOTEL CTI ADAPTER),

Go To setup → search call centre → select EXOTEL CTI ADAPTER → click on Edit → click save.

After which it will take you to the edit screen, click the manage call centre users button (refer to below image)


And then select Add More Users to add the respective user to your call centre



3. The newly created user will appear on your User Mapping tab, select a virtual number from your Exotel account to associate with your salesforce agent.

4. Click on the chevron (dropdown) to Save/Refresh your agent number with the VN selected in your Exotel account.


Known Limitations-

1) Custom object support- As of now, we are not supporting the custom objects

2) Support for lead, Opportunity and Account object - We are right now supporting the Contacts object in Salesforce. Other standard objects will be planned in the future.

3) Mobile app - The current connector supports the web version. A mobile app would be planned in the future.

SFDC Dialer App - UI screens



Call History Screen



Call Details Screen


Outgoing Call Pop Up


Incoming Call Popup

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.