Nowadays, quality management and compliance have become eminent for the contact center environments. This growing demand can be catered by call recordings that can be reviewed and evaluated later with the help of speech analysis to determine if agents are following call flows, building rapport, offering cross-sell products, controlling the call, providing accurate information, etc. They are also being used for coaching sessions and the quality score for agents' performance.  Call recordings are a direct objective record of the customer experience, and hence, become a rich source of information that can be used to improve operations and enhance the level of service delivered.

Types of Recordings

  1. Mono Standard recording (8 kbps)

  2. Mono High Quality recording (32 kbps)

  3. Stereo Standard recording (12 kbps per channel i.e. 24 kbps)

  4. Stereo High Quality recording (32 kbps per channel i.e. 64 kbps)

How to enable/configure Stereo and High Quality recording?

  1. The HQ recording feature will be available to the tenant, both in API and Dashboard, after enabling it for the account. 

  1. Without activation, the recording option appears as below in the connect applet. When the HQ recording is not enabled and the box for “Record this call?” is checked, the Recording Format parameter will not be visible and by default standard MP3 recording format will be selected. 

  2. The Recording channels as Single will enable Mono Standard Recording and Stereo Standard Recording can be enabled just by selecting Dual in recording channels.

  3. Stereo standard recording can be enabled for click2call via Abix flag: dual_channel_recording

  4. If further superior quality is required(32kbps and 64kbps) ,HQ recording flag is enabled and the RecordingFormat parameter will be populated.  

  5. HQ recording can be enabled with Abix flag: high_quality_recording_mp3hq_enabled.

This feature is not be available by default for all accounts . If you are not able to see them in the Connect Applet, drop a mail to or talk to your Account Manager.

7. Currently, Record and Recording Channels parameters are provided in the Outgoing call connecting number API. With HQ  recording, a new Recording Format can also be provided with the option of MP3 HQ and RAW format.

Sample Request

curl --location --request POST 'https://<api_key>:<api_token><AccountSID>/Calls/connect.json?From=<callingnumber>&To=<Callednumber>&CallerId=<Exophone>&Record=true&RecordingChannels=dual&RecordingFormat=mp3-hq' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json'



The recordingURL can be accessed from the statuscallback after the call is completed.