Short video:

In the article, we are going to see how to use the Analytics feature that is available in the dashboard to track the Agent on/off time logs on Exotel. 

1. Click on the Analytics option. 

2 . Choose the list of available Agents (Coworkers) from the drop-down. 

3. Now Select the date and time duration for which you would like to see the data. 

4. After giving all the necessary details, click on Show. 

5. The system will show you the bar chart “Green” Indicating Toggle ON duration and the “Orange” colour indicating their Toggle OFF duration. 

6 . If you wanted to know the exact time duration for which your agent was toggled off then move your cursor to the orange part, which will give you the “From” and “To” duration of toggle off/on timings. 

With help of this feature, you can easily track your agent call availability and track their break timings precisely.