If you are looking to explore Exotel SMS to understand the product better, creating a trial account would be the first step for you to take. 

STEP #1 - Fill the sign up form

Visit my.exotel.com/auth/register and register yourself as a new user.
Alternatively you could visit 
this link,  and click on the SIGN UP button.

This is the screen you would arrive at:

Here, enter the details requested including your name, company, email ID, phone number, country of operation, Industry, and then click on the  `START MY FREE TRIAL` button.

The next page may take 2-3 seconds to load.

STEP #2 - Verify your number

Verify your number by giving a missed call to the number mentioned in the screenshot below:

If you visit the co-workers and groups tab after step#2,  your number will be listed as verified.

In case your number is not verified, the option to send an SMS on the top left of the screen will not work:

STEP #3 - Send a trial SMS to a verified number

While your KYC is pending, you can send a trial SMS to a verified number (you could start with your own verified number)


To: A verified number (you can start with your own)

Message (You can also click on Choose a SMS Template and select this template):

This is a test message powered by Exotel. Report abuse to +91808891888 -Exotel

As a safety measure, on a trial account, you will not be able to send any other message, or to an unverified number.

STEP #4 - Complete your KYC

To send an SMS successfully to any unverified number, you would need to complete your KYC as well.

If you try to send an SMS without completing your KYC, then you would get the below error:

The next step, as you may have assumed, would be to complete your KYC.

For this you would need to go to Personalization > ACCOUNT > KYC Docs on the Exotel dashboard and upload all the documents within the mentioned size restrictions.

STEP #5 - Send an SMS

You should now  be able to send your SMS using the exophone number updated on the Settings> Sender ID tab.

SMS templates would need to follow DLT template specifications. Steps to send an SMS are listed in this support article.

STEP #5 - View your sent SMS details

Upon sending, you can view your sent SMS in your outbox where you will be able to see SMS Details as well.

If you are still facing issues while creating an SMS trial account, do write to us at hello@exotel.com

We would love to hear from you anyway!