1. Why do we need Voicebot as we already have a bidirectional stream option in the stream applet?

  1. As a bi-directional stream’s major use case is conversational bot so Voicebot is more appropriate. 

  2. For ease of understanding and accessibility to the applet use cases without any hassle or to avoid misconfiguration

2. Who can use Voicebot?

The voice bot applet can be plugged into the flow to replace the agent. As soon as the flow is hit, the voicebot applet will trigger a WebSocket connection with the URL endpoint. Once the connection is established, there will be real-time transmission/streaming of the audio in the same connection.

For instance, It can act as a conversational IVR bot, for example, in a stock trading company where the bot can ask the name of the stock. The customer says the name and the bot can tell the real-time price of it.

3. How many legs does Voicebot have?

There are two legs
 - PSTN leg

 - Voicebot leg 

4. How can we enable a voicebot for a tenant?

It is an abix feature. It can be enabled and disabled on-demand basis by running this Jenkins job(mum and sgp).


5. What is needed to use Voicebot?

   Voicebot needs a custom ws(s) endpoint.

   There are two ways to put this:
Static method: ws(s) endpoint can be entered here but it will remain the same for every call that you gonna make using this flow. 

 eg:  ws://


  2. Dynamic method: We can enter http(s) URL which can return different ws(s) endpoints based on use case.

eg:  https://yourdomain.com this URL must return a ws(s) endpoint

6. Can we provide custom params along with the endpoint?

Yes, It is optional. There are some validations that need to follow while providing custom params.

1. The Maximum number of custom params that are allowed is 3.

2. Format of these params will like :


(In Dynamic case, http(s) should return ws(s) URL in above format) 

3. Total length of the params( bold part in above URL ) shouldn’t be more than 256 characters.


7.  Is there a simulator which can be used to make streaming calls withdummy bot? 

Yes, refer the below GitHub link for the simulator


If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888