Secure Recordings Beta is available on request via and is chargeable.

This feature gives the following capability:

  • All your call recordings are stored in a separate secure private s3 bucket within Exotel.
  • Recordings can be accessed only if the user is logged into the Exotel dashboard.
  • To gain access to recordings via Exotel Dashboard or API, signed URLs are utilized with a short TTL (time to live).

To access such recordings via API, refer to Bulk Call Details API and use the optional parameter 'RecordingUrlValidity' which will set the time in minutes for which the URL can be accessed. 'RecordingUrlValidity' value can be set in integer (Min: 1, Max: 1440) and the default is set to 30.


  • If this is enabled for an account, RecordingURL in Reports, Passthru, and Single Call Details API will not be playable.