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What is a Tax Invoice?

Tax Invoice is generated at the end of each month determining the actual usage of services by each client. For instance, if the client has utilized service for Rs.500/- the invoice is generated for Rs.590/- which is inclusive of 18% GST.

The invoice documents are shared with the series beginning with:

For prepaid customers: DR19SINXXXX

For postpaid customers: DO19SINXXXX


What is a Receipt Voucher?

This gets generated whenever a client (prepaid) makes a payment. GST is always inclusive. In some cases, businesses include TDS as well.  For instance, if a client has made a payment of Rs.1,180/- it essentially comprises of payment of Rs.1,000 + GST of Rs.180 (18% of the service value).

The receipt voucher documents are shared with series beginning with RD0000



To make it simple, an Invoice is generated at the end of each month based on the usage. This can be downloaded from the “Bills” section of the dashboard. 




The eceipt voucher is generated for the payment made ( Credits recharge, Extend validity, Upgrade) and is available for download from the “Payment History” section of the dashboard.

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