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Validity: These are pre-decided denominations that you can purchase which will extend your account's validity. If you purchase a pack that gives 5 months' validity today (Say, 1st June 2021), your account will expire on 31st October 2021. Let’s say you paid Rs. 9999 for this 5-month validity, you get 4000 Exotel credit in your account just like how SIM card validity recharges will also give you talk time. If you do another 5 months recharge one month down the line (On say, 1st July 2021), your expiration date now will be 30th March 2022 because your earlier validity expiry date was 31st October 2021 - the extension will happen from the date of validity expiry. If you recharge any time before your account expires, then you will carry forward the pending balance. On the contrary, recharging an account after it expires will mean you would have lost all unused pending balances. By losing, we mean that you will see a line item for "unused credits" costing you the pending balance in your invoice for the expired month. 

Validity Extension - In case you have enough credits and would only like to extend only validity without the addition of any credits, this can be done through the Exotel account. 

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There are 2 options for extension of validity:

  • 5 months validity - Rs 5999+18% GST=Rs 7078.82

  • 11 months validity - Rs10499+18% GST=Rs 12388.82

Once you have extended the validity, you can buy credits separately later based on your requirements.

Top-up: Top-up is useful if you are running out of credits yet there is sufficient validity. Using the above example, let us say you run a campaign on the 25th of August that costs you Rs. 5500, then you only have just 500 Rs left. You would now "Top Up" your account for, let's say Rs. 5000. 

Credit addition - In case you have validity and would only like to purchase credits, this can be done through the Exotel account. 

Please go to the Payment Page: Please visit

The credits can be purchased based on the requirement. The GST amount of 18% will be applied to the credits and the same is visible on the dashboard.