Exotel Integration With Zoho Desk

Exotel is a highly secure, reliable and scalable cloud-based telephony system. It enables businesses to set up Customer Call Centres without any hassle of physical infrastructure. The marque capabilities like Number Masking, Multi-Level IVR, Click-2-Call, Missed Call solution, COD, etc. helps businesses to achieve their telephony needs all at one place.

By integrating Exotel with Zoho Desk, you can get intimation of Incoming Calls and originate an Outbound call using it’s Click-2-Call feature, all from Zoho Desk interface. The seamless integration of a call with Zoho Desk tickets saves agents from context switching and improves their productivity.

Exotel Benefits

With the Exotel - Zoho Desk Integration, you can:

  • Get the notification on your Zoho Desk screen, whenever any Incoming call comes on to your customer facing Exotel Number.

  • Ability to create/update a ticket and associate the call with it - auto-populating the numbers, name (if stored in Zoho Desk) and also showing options to last related ticket.

  • Click2Call - Initiate call between you and your customer, directly from the Zoho Desk.

  • Map the Exotel Users to Zoho Desk Users and enable Click2Call for some or for all of them.

  • Call Recordings getting automatically added to the tickets.

  • Missed Call details directly getting pushed to your existing tickets or new tickets being created in case of unsaved numbers.

  • Work on just one interface (Zoho Desk) and improve your productivity by eliminating context-switching.


In order to have a successful integration with the Zoho Desk account, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Sign up for an Exotel Account.

  2. Verify your account through phone or email. 

  3. Get your account KYC verified.

  4. Purchase ExoPhone to be used by Zoho Desk users/agents for inbound and outbound calls.

  5. From API section, make a note of Account SID, API Key and API Token

Setting up of Exotel Integration

In order to set up the integration, follow these five steps:

  1. Create Co-Workers and Group

  2. Configure Zoho Plugin Call flow

  3. Associate the call flow to the ExoPhones

  4. Enable Integration via: https://zohoplugin.exotel.com/

  5. Map the Zoho User to Exotel Agents in the Integration interface and enable Click-2-Call (if required)

Step 1: Create Co-Workers and Group

To create co-workers and group in Exotel:

  1. In my.exotel.com, go to ‘Co-workers and Groups’ section

  2. Add all the co-workers corresponding to Zoho account, by clicking on Invite co-workers

  3. Create a new group, by clicking ‘Add Group’ and add all the co-workers in that group

Step 2: Configure Zoho Plugin Call flow

In order to create the Zoho Plugin Call flow, follow these five steps:

  1. Go to ‘App Bazar’ section and under ‘Custom Apps’ click on ‘Create’ button

  2. Provide the App Name and click on OK.

  3. Add a Connect Applet

  1. Select the Group as created earlier, under ‘Dial a user or group’ option.

  1. Under ‘Distribute Calls’ section, select ‘Sequentially’ and remaining options as shown below:

  1. Let ‘Music on Hold’ be set as ‘Default Tone’ or if you want Custom Tone, please select it and upload the file to be used.

  1. Under ‘Create popup…’ section, enter this URL (modify the Exotel account name in it by your Exotel account name:


Note: Account_name can be taken from the URL just after my.exotel.com/{account_name}

E.g. https://zohoplugin.exotel.com/callback/exotel/exotel001/createpopup

  1. After the Call Conversation ends, add a Passthru. In that passthrough enter this URL (change the account_name):


  1. In section ‘If Nobody Answers..’, select Go To and add a Passthru:

Enter the passthru URL ( change the account_name) as:


  1. Save the flow and click on Close.

Step 3: Associate the call flow to the ExoPhones

  1. Go to ExoPhones section

  1. Click on the button ‘Assign ExoPhones to Flow’ and select the flow created in Step 2 with the ExoPhone and click on ‘Attach Flow’

  1. In the subsequent pop-up, click on OK and you can see the flow getting associated to ExoPhone.

Step 4: Enable Integration

  1. Go to Zoho Plugin Integration interface: https://zohoplugin.exotel.com/

  2. Click on ‘Enable Integration’ button

  1. If you are logged in to Zoho Desk account, it will take you to the Zoho Desk login page. Enter Zoho Desk credentials.

  2. Once logged in, it opens up Access permission page, click on ‘Accept’ button (if agreeing to provide the mentioned information access).

  1. On the ‘Exotel Account Details’ page, provide the Exotel SID, API Key, API Token as noted down in Prerequisites step 5, and click on ave button

  1. The Integration is enabled and the User Mapping page opens up.

Step 5: Mapping the Zoho Users to Exotel Agents

  1. On the mapping page, Zoho Users will be auto-populated. Provide details of Exotel Agents (PBX User) and corresponding Mobile Number (prefixed with Zero digit)

  1. Select Caller Id as the Virtual Number, which was mapped to Zoho Plugin flow.

  2. Select the checkbox under Click2Call against the user, for whom you want to enable initiation of outbound call from the Zoho Desk interface

  3. Click on ‘Save’ button and a success message should be displayed.

  1. Go to ZohoDesk (refresh the page, if already logged in) and you can see Click2Call icon enabled for the Zoho User and on initiating outbound call from there, the pop-up comes up displaying the available information

  1. For an Incoming Call, the pop-up will come up showing the calling number:

Known Limitation:

  • On-Call Events: For both Incoming Call and Outbound Call pop-ups, the call events (like CallAnswered, Ringing, etc.) will not be triggered. Hence, once the call is over, click on ‘Answered’ and do the subsequent action.
  • Call Recording Upload: The call recordings will be uploaded under ticket details in an interval of 5 minutes. The agent need to refresh the Zoho Desk screen after 5 minutes of call completed, in order to see the respective call recordings.

Revoking Exotel-Zoho Integration

In order to revoke Exotel-Zoho Integration, please log into the Exotel-Zoho Desk Plugin interface and click on 'Revoke Integration' button in User Mapping page:

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