You may observe pop-ups like above on the Exotel dashboard asking for your feedback on the call quality. This is to understand how was the audio quality of the call conversation you just had.

The rating would be on a scale of 5 stars (similar to MOS Score), with one star meaning it is of bad quality and five stars being excellent quality. In case the rating is below 4 stars, we would want to understand the reason behind it and you can choose one of the following options:

  • Could not hear: This means that you or the other person could not hear each other during the call.
  • Call dropped: This would mean that the call abruptly got disconnected during the conversation ( either call drops is for network error or the other person dint hear and disconnected the call). 
  • Poor audio quality: This would mean that you could hear each other but the audio perceived was of poor quality i.e. there was noise, echo, low volume or any other kind of disturbance.
  • Other: If your reason for poor call quality doesn't fit in the above reasons, please select this.

Your feedback will improve our ability to serve you better.

In case of any issue related to the pop-up, please write to

Do note, call quality problems could exist due to some issues at your end as well (handset, network coverage etc.). Refer to this article for few tips on improving call quality at your end.