Exotel call transcript says the call has reached your phone, and you haven't picked up. In the reality, the call has never reached your phone.

Exotel’s response:

We rely on the ISDN cause code that operators give us, to determine what happened over the call. In some of the cases, the cause code that we get is plain wrong. We have put in a few heuristics to improve this, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to fix this, which involves talking to each of the operators, in each circle and verifying their configurations are right.

This is a work in continuity. Rest assured, we are working on it.,


While it is not a technical glitch for the transcript to indicate that an agent may not pick up the call, there have been scenarios where we receive the operator codes as such, confirming that the number to whom the call was routed, did not answer (Operator behavior) - as opposed to what gets reported to us towards call not landing on the phone in the first place (User behavior).

We also understand that this creates confusion towards the calls not landing on the phone as opposed to the logs indicating that the calls have not been answered - unfortunately, there is no other way for us to confirm apart from what the operator statuses get returned for those specific calls - different Operators consider similar user behavior scenarios, differently.

Adding to that, this is indeed how the telecom infrastructure has been built, which is why our teams have already been working towards refining these statuses/operator cause codes for a more granular level and although currently, there is no other way for us to confirm if the call actually failed or was not answered, we display the data relayed by the operator directly.

[Work in progress] - given that we currently do not either monitor or have any means to check user behavior, we’re working on building a diagnostic app (Android) that should potentially allow us to determine 2 things -

  1. If the call lands on your phone or otherwise

    • If yes, then if the call was rejected or answered

  2. The signal strength of your device (in case you may experience call quality issues) - more context towards this could be found in another of our support articles that will help with Improving call quality.

Having said this, there could also be an intermittent network issue leading to call failures, you can try the following steps -

a. Place device on airplane mode

b. Turn off device

c. Remove and reinsert SIM card

d. Turn on device

e. Turn off airplane mode

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.