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You may place an outgoing call using our Call APIs with the help of Postman - a free Google Chrome Extension and these are the following steps to work with -

Step 1 - Add Postman as an Extension on your Google Chrome browser 

(this video tutorial should help)

In case the plugin is not working, you may download the free Postman App directly to use this function as well.

Step 2 - After launching the app, sign-up and get started with importing this collection configuration

(by clicking on, the collection's settings would automatically be imported to your Postman app/account)

Step 3 - Replace all the following variables:

<your_api_key>, <your_api_token>, <your_sid>
How to find my Exotel Key, Exotel Token and Exotel SID?
Enter the 'From' or the caller's number, who would answer the call first
Enter the 'To' or the callee's number, to whom the caller/agent is trying to connect
Enter the virtual number / DID through which you wish to route the call

Step 4 - Click 'Send'

In case you face any issues while testing / using this, please drop us an email at or call us on +91-8088919888.