Testing Outgoing SMS

First, login to your Exotel account

Full account

Tap the SMS button.

when a popup occurs,


To: A SMS recipient you want to send a message to (subject to DND restrictions)

Pick a template for SMS (kindly note as per TRAI regulations, your template must be approved before you can send an SMS matching that template)

Follow the Trial account workflow outlined below if you want to test the SMS workflow from a complete account but do not have any authorised templates.

Trial account

Press the SMS button.

When a popup window displays,

From: EXOSMS (select the number related to the Sender ID EXOSMS)

To: A known number (you can start with your own)

Message: This is a test message powered by Exotel. Report abuse to +91808891888 -Exotel

(This template is also available under Choose an SMS Template.)

In a few seconds, the SMS arrives in the inbox of a non-DND number as below:

Please get in touch with us at 08088919888 or write to us at hello@exotel.in for any concerns.