It is possible for you try out our SMS campaign or Bulk SMS feature from your trial account. Here's how you can do it:

1. Click on the "Campaign" tab in the left panel. And from the top right, Click on "+SMS". Fill in the details asked in the dialog box below including the date and time at which you want to campaign to be sent. List is the List of users you want to send this campaign to. And here's how you can create a list

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2. Click on Confirm. Now, in the Campaign tab, you will be able to the status of the campaign you sent. 

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Here, it gives you the number of SMS that were sent successfully and the number of SMS that failed due to DND or invalid numbers. Clicking on the campaign name will give you details of the status of invidual numbers. Here, the list we sent to had only 2 numbers and this report shows the status of the 2 numbers.

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Just a few points to note when you're trying out SMS with Exotel

1. All your messages will go as Promotional SMS. So, you can't send SMS to DND numbers.

2. All your SMS will be appended to say - If this is being abused, report to 08088919888 - Trial SMS sent using