It is possible for you to try out our SMS campaign or Bulk SMS feature from your trial account. You can use our default Template and the default Header for testing purposes and understand the feature. To use it for personal purposes, your account must be converted to a full account. 


1. Click on the 'Campaign' tab on the left panel ---> Click on 'SMS' on the top right. Add the details asked in the dialogue box below including the date and time at which you wish the campaign to be initiated. 

2. The 'List' is the list of users you want to initiate this campaign for.  Here's how you can create a List How do I use the Address book and the Lists feature?

3. You can only select the default template available in the dashboard from Choose A SMS Template ---> Update the placeholder as follows: 

%s ---> Test for %d ---> 123 etc. (How to send SMS using Exotel with DLT Template Scrubbing?)

---> Click on Continue

4. Now you will get the below option to enter the sender ID details ---> Select EXOSMS from the dropdown (please make sure you do not have any other sender ID during the trial period to test the scenarios ) ---> Click on Add. That's it!

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