A short video:

Sometimes you have users who have no unique email ID or ones who don't have a company email ID but you'd still like to add them to your Exotel dashboard. There is a very simple workaround to this issue.

  1. Go to the 'Co-workers and Groups' tab on the left panel. Click on 'Invite co-workers' on the top right section of the dashboard.

  2.  Add your co-worker or agent's name.

  3. You can use your own Gmail ID to sign up for your agent as well and add a '+' sign and append it with something you'll recognise. For example, if your email id is batman@gmail.com, you can sign up for your co-worker or agent with batman+1@gmail.com. When you do this, the system recognises this as a new email ID but all the communication will still be sent to you (everything after the + will be ignored).

  4. This way, you can add as many co-workers as you want with the same email ID. As in you can do a +1, +2, or even something like +marketing or +sales.

  5. You will still need to give your agent's phone number as this is the number Exotel will divert the calls to.

Now, you're all set.