Echo And Its Causes

An echo is a sound of voices repeating a call, loudly, and at a delayed interval. It can appear on calls made from mobile devices, tablets, or landlines.

There are many things that might be causing an echo on the phone. Some common causes are acoustic feedback coming from the phone of the party you are talking to, a slow internet connection, a defective headset, or a damaged ethernet cable.

There are also different symptoms to diagnose phone echoing. Sometimes callers will hear their voice through their own device, for example. Other times there will be a delay on a call. In other instances, it will sound like parties talking over each other. 

How to Fix it

Ask the person on the receiving end if you can call him back if nothing else works. Hang up your phone, power it off and then on again, and then call him again. Calling again will require a new connection to be made and will probably clear up the echo because it is simply a fluke in the cell phone's technology.

If you're experiencing echo on a smartphone, start by figuring out which end of the connection produces the echo. If you hear yourself on every call, the echo is your problem. Otherwise, the problem sources from the other person on the call, or in the system beyond your demarcation point.

If your phone generates the echo, try the following:

1. If you're using a smartphone, disable any noise-suppression feature in the call settings.

2. Try removing the case from your phone — some cases cause acoustic echo completely unrelated to any technology deficit.

No one likes to deal with audio echoing. At best it is annoying, and at worst, it will cause a complete communication breakdown. The bad news is, there is sometimes nothing you can do. If the person you are talking to has a slow internet connection or damaged equipment that is causing an echo, it is outside your control. The good news is, if the problem is within your control, there is likely an easy fix.

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