The daily analytics email provides an overview of the inbound call activity on your Exotel account for the previous day. 

Firstly, it gives you an overall summary of stats like this...

  • This says you received a total of 267 inbound calls which includes calls that you attended, missed calls as well as voicemails.
  • Also, out of all the missed calls you got, your team has not called back 46 numbers
  • And your coworkers spent a total of 143.5 minutes on inbound calls yesterday

Now, are you wondering how have you saved 10500 INR? This figure comes on the basis of what you have saved your per call value. Here, it is 500 INR.

Missed calls section

This section tells you that you got a total of 86 missed calls**. Out of these 86 missed calls (including call attempts, and voicemails), your team has returned the calls for 52 callers and has not called back 34 callers.

A sample of such callers is listed in case you want to call a few of them yourself. Clicking on the green phone icon will take you to that particular phone call on your Exotel dashboard.

Here's how we calculate the callbacks to be done:

We take all the missed calls for a particular day and remove the numbers to which there has been an outbound call (from your Exotel number) on that day. This gives us the missed calls to which there has not been any callback done.

Coworkers overview

This section gives you an overview of how many calls/minutes your colleagues spent on inbound calls. You can look out for insights like who spends the most time on calls, who attends the most calls every day, and who is being overworked.

Hourly Call distribution

This graph gives you an idea of the number of calls you get on an hourly basis. 

For example, in this graph, we see that 12 pm to 2 pm has peak call traffic and most of the calls are missed. Based on this input, you could staff up during those peak hours by adding more users to the group that receives calls.

*  - All these stats include calls to all your virtual numbers

** - These include calls 1) which landed on your coworkers' phones and were not picked up as well as 2) calls where the caller disconnected the call even before your coworkers' phone rang (example - the caller cut the call during your greeting prompt)

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