Trial number (095-138-86363) is a common number for everyone (all customers) at exotel to test how stuff works. This number is free and is available in every account. Whenever you install a new app or change something in your call or SMS flow, you can test it using by connecting or installing it on this number. Please note, this is a number to be used during the trial period only, do not use in full account.

To buy new Exophone number check here.

This is how it looks in the Virtual number page


And this is how it looks in the App Bazaar

TIP: In this above example, the PIN is 7019788938. This is actually the cellphone number of the person who registered for this account. If you are the person who signed up for the trial account, then this is your phone number.

Testing an Outbound SMS

You can start sending SMS to anyone (Subject to DND restrictions) using the SMS button, for instance. Try this:

In a few seconds, this SMS arrives in the inbox of a non-DND number like this:


  • All SMSes sent from the trial number will have the text "Trial SMS sent using" appended to the SMS. 

  • All SMSes are promotional SMSes (Which means, they will not be delivered to DND numbers) except one sample template which is available by default on all accounts. To find this template, click on "Choose a SMS Template" and choose the second template as shown below:

Change %s with Super! and %d with 007 and hit send. Now, even DND numbers will receive this SMS and the Sender-ID will read "XX-SAMPLE" indicating that this is a sample transactional SMS. (Read about SMS prefixes)

Testing an Inbound Call

Call 9513886363. If you are calling from your registered phone number (that is, 7019788938 in this case) or any number that belongs to any user in your account, you don't have to enter a PIN. Exotel has already identified you based on your caller ID! But if you are calling from your friend's number (And that is typically the case as you would have added your number as a user in a group and you want to test receiving this call!), then the caller has to now enter the PIN, that is 7019788938. 

Testing an Outbound Call

Read more about making outgoing calls from your trial number. If KYC docs are approved, you can actually start calling all numbers (subject to the usual DND restrictions) without having to buy a virtual number or the PIN restrictions. Of course, if anyone calls back, it will ask for a PIN.

Update: Starting April 2018, our default number in the trial account will be 9513886363. Our on/off toggle switch number will be 9513885656. Our older numbers (09243422333 and 09223332233 respectively) will only be functional until the end of March 2018.