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How do i get an sms alerting me on the fact that a call was made to our exotel number? Is it possible to alert multiple numbers (via sms) upon receiving the call?

Kindly note as per the TRAI regulationsYou need your complete your Entity registration on the DLT platforms.


You will achieve this using the "NEW SMS" Applet in the call flow builder.


In the "After the call conversation ends..." part of your connect applet, Drag & drop the "NEW SMS applet".


You could now choose to send an SMS to a single user, group, or even a list. There are some placeholders such as %caller% and %pickedupby% which you can use to get values like the caller's phone number etc. This is how it looks:


Use %caller% to substitute the caller's number (Customers number)

Use %number% for the number called (ie. Your ExoPhone number)

Use %pickedupby% for the person who picked up the phone (Agents number)

Note: %pickedupby% will show your agent name and number if agent contact is saved in the address book or in coworkers ( Address book is taken as the primary identifier if details are different in coworkers or in the address book) 

And also the template which you add must be registered and approved by the DLT portal. You can refer to this article here


When you choose RECIPIENT as Group, then by default the SMS will be delivered as transactional using your transactional sender ID. 

If you choose the RECIPIENT as a list, then the SMS will be sent as promotional. Please ensure you have an approved promotional Sender ID registered in the Exotel account.

Troubleshooting tips: 

->If SMS is not getting delivered to your agents then check if you are choosing a group or list and then update your sender ID accordingly or add your agents as a coworker and use transactional sender ID.  


-> If you want to send transactional SMS by choosing LIST then ensure your SMS template is approved in the right category.

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888