Question: I have paid X rupees. The amount is deducted from my bank account but not credited to my Exotel account. What is happening?

Answer: Recharging your account using our Payment gateway is the best method of payment because it is completely automated & instantaneous. But in very rare cases, the transaction might take up to a couple of hours to reflect in your account. This could be because of various reasons, such as:

  • The originating bank took some time to intimate our payment gateway provider.
  • Our payment gateway servers were high on load and hence it took some time to pass along the success of your payment.
  • Our own servers were a bit busy updating the details.

In some other cases, there might be an internal error in one of the servers involved. In these cases, our support people will also manually update the payment details in your account. If an online payment does not reflect in your account within 24hrs, please reach out to and share the transaction details. This information will help us cross-check with our payment gateway providers.