No company wants to miss their customer's call. If you have many missed calls and would like to reduce it, read on. Unlike your cell phone, There are two types of missed calls in Exotel:


Call Attempt: 


Your customer called your number and then canceled/cut the call even before Exotel could try to connect it to your agents. For example, let's say there is a big boring IVR, many customers will just hang up without choosing any of the options and this will become a "call attempt"


Here is how Call Attempt looks in the call detail page:






Missed Call:


Exotel tried to connect your customer's call to your agents and 

* All of them were busy or 

* no one picked up the call even though the call rang on their phones or

* Customer decides he has waited for long enough & then hangs up. 



Look at the "Here is what happened" portion in the call detail page to confirm what type of call it actually is:






Tips to reduce missed calls


  • Reduce the length of your Greeting or IVR Menu. Be crisp & to the point. For example:

Thank you for calling Exotel. Please press 1 to talk to our customer support team, please press 2 to talk to our sales team or if you know the extension, please dial now


Can be shortened as 


Thank you for calling Exotel. Press 1 for support, 2 for sales or dial the extension


  • Get a professional voice recording done. They say the first impression is the best impression. An excited happy person's voice is better than a sad gloomy person. An excited happy woman's voice is probably even better. You could get your text recorded using Exotel's voice over recording service too. 

  • Turn off call waiting: Your agents may get calls from their friends & family. As Exotel does not know they are on a call, it will still try to call their number for the duration of "Number of seconds to ring the agent's phone before trying the next person". To avoid this, ask them to turn off the call waiting in their handset. Most feature & smartphones will have this option. This will ensure that Exotel will quickly go to the next available agent. 

  • If you have more people in your company, add them to the group that is getting the calls. Exotel is about flexibility. So add as many people as you can in your system. It is pretty easy to turn them on/off anyway. 

  •  Adjust the time to ring on the agent phone until you get the optimal value. 

  • Take a voicemail or send an SMS back (as a part of the call flow) saying sorry. If you use a ticketing system, then use the ticketing system's email gateway ID as the email address in the group so that "unattended call emails" become tickets. 

  • Watch out for situations where all users in a group go "OFF". 

  • Ensure that all users are "verified" users. Exotel will not send calls to them otherwise. 


Some caveats:


  • Not all "Call attempts" are bad calls. For eg, if you are running a missed call campaign, naturally it will show up as a call attempt in your inbox. 

  • If you have a timing applet and inform the customer that you are closed and then hang up, it will still show as a call attempt.