The number metadata API provides the following metadata of a given number:

  • Telecom Circle 
  • Human readable Telecom Circle name 
  • Number type 
  • Operator (Carrier) that the number belongs to
  • Whether the number is under DND or not

If all you want is to see/read the details of a phone number, use our Phone number details page

Request Format:


  • Replace <your_api_key> and <your_api_token> with the API key and token created by you.
  • Replace <your_sid> with your “Account sid”
  • Replace <subdomain>with the region of your account
    • <subdomain> of Singapore cluster is
    • <subdomain> of Mumbai cluster is

<your_api_key> , <your_api_token> and <your_sid>onExotel Dashboard



The response comes back in XML

Parameter NameVALUE
PhoneNumberReformatted phone number string
Two-character telecom circle code.
The human-readable string of the Circle code.
Ex: Haryana Telecom Circle (excludes Faridabad, Gurgaon & Panchkula)
'Mobile' or 'Landline'
Operator & OperatorName
   "AC" => "Aircel",
    "A"  => "Airtel",
    "AL" => "Allianz",
    "B"  => "BSNL",
    "D"  => "Dishnet",
    "E"  => "Etisalat",
    "H"  => "HFCL",
    "I"  => "Idea",
    "LO" => "Loop",
    "MT" => "MTNL",
    "P"  => "Ping",
    "R"  => "Reliance",
    "S"  => "Sistema",
    "ST" => "S Tel",
    "T"  => "Tata",
    "U"  => "Unitech",
    "VI" => "Videocon",
    "V"  => "Vodafone"


Please note the DND status fetched using the mentioned API may not be accurate as the DND statuses are not published as per recent updates by TRAI.

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