Quality control and compliance are now crucial components of contact centre setups.A useful source of information that may be used to improve operations and the calibre of services provided, call recordings give a direct, unbiased account of the client experience.Call recordings that are later examined and evaluated with the use of speech analysis can be used to satisfy this growing need in order to determine whether agents are following conversation flows, building rapport, suggesting cross-sell items, managing the call, providing accurate information, etc. They are also used for training sessions and to rate the effectiveness of an agent's work.

Storage availability :

The call recordings are kept on file for up to 6 months (180 days) after the call date. This indicates that you have up to six months to download, stream, and listen to call recordings from your Exotel dashboard.

The message in your inbox will still be there after six months, but you won't be able to download the recordings.

Additionally, we advise you to download the recordings in bulk and save them on your server or computer. For further information, see this article. "How do I download all recordings?".