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In order to make outbound calls from your Exotel account, you need to submit your KYC docs here. As you would understand, these are for regulatory compliance. Once you have done it, they should be approved within a day and you will then be able to make outbound calls. Also, this FAQ page should help you understand what documents you need to upload.


Having said that, to allow testing outbound calls, we do allow calls to your verified users (in your Exotel account) without having to submit your KYC docs. For eg: let's say you add 2 users Divya and Rahkee. You can then login to Divya’s Exotel account and make an outbound call to Rakhee’s phone number (provided Rakhee has verified her phone number).



Making an outbound call

  1. Keep the mobile phone/landline linked to your Exotel account close by

  2. Click on the Call button on the top left, type in the number you want to call, and press call again

  1.  Exotel will first dial your number. Pick up the call. Wait while the number you want to call is dialed. When the person at the other end picks up, speak away!

In case you're using the call API:


This page provides details of how to use Exotel's API to make outbound calls.

If you are a trial account, you will see the following response when you try making an outbound call to a number before you submit your KYC documents.





<Message>Your account is not yet KYC compliant. This is mandatory before making outbound calls.</Message>