As we all know, incoming calls are free in India unlike certain countries like the US or Singapore. We have gotten used to it and it has become the de-facto standard in India.

But Exotel charges you for incoming calls on your number. We're not evil :) 

Here's why we charge you:

Your Exophones are configured on our cloud infrastructure. That is why we are able to now play a welcome message, route the calls to your team's numbers and record all your calls as well. When a caller calls your Exophone, we have to route it to your team and we essentially make an outbound call via the software to your users' number and connect you to the caller.

So every inbound call to your users' number is an outbound call from your Exophone, as evident from the caller ID you see. This is why we charge the applicable rates(Based on your Bill Plan) for inbound calls as well.

Similarly, every outbound call you make using your Exophone is charged at twice the rate of an inbound call. That's because we first dial out your user, once she/he picks up the call, we then dial your customer and then connect the two of them. This involves two outbound calls from your Exophone which is what we charge you for.