In India, as we all knew, incoming calls are free, unlike in some other nations such as the United States or Singapore. We've become accustomed to it, and it's now the de facto norm in India.

However, Exotel still charges you for incoming calls to your phone number. We aren't malevolent :)


Here's the explanation of why we charge you:

The Exophones are hosted on our cloud platform. As a consequence, we can now play a greeting, route calls to your team's numbers, and keep track of all of your calls. When a caller contacts your Exophone, we must route it to your team, and we utilise the software to make an outbound call to your users' phone numbers, linking you with the caller.

Every inbound call to your users' number is an outbound call from your Exophone, as you can see from the caller ID. As a result, we charge inbound calls at the applicable rates (as specified by your Bill Plan).

Similarly, every outbound call made utilizing your Exophone costs twice as much as an inbound call. This is because we call your user first, and after she/he picks up the phone, we call your customer and link the two of them. Two outbound calls from your Exophone are required, for which you'll be charged.

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.