While you sign up for an Exotel account, what you get is a trial account version. This gets upgraded to a full account when you make the first payment to recharge your account.

What are the features that are available in the full account, but not in the trial account?

The trial account is as good as your full account but the trial account has certain limitations like you can sign up for 15 days and you will get 1000 credits, APIs related to SMS cannot be used, cannot customize the templates and you can keep using it as long as your Exotel credits last. The rationale for this is, when you sign up, we would like you to experience Exotel completely before you can take an informed decision. This saves time for you as well as for us.

There is a sandbox number that cannot be used once your trial account is converted to a full paid account.

How to add exophone to get started?


Are you really sure that there is no difference at all?

Hmmm...Actually, there is one. When you are in the trial version, we will not be able to communicate any service disruptions or downtime notifications or any updates to API, features, Apps etc.