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When you buy an Exophone, you will be asked to enter a 6-letter sender ID from which your SMSes will be sent. For Eg: EXOTEL or HDFCBK etc.

Let's say for some reason you entered a sender ID while getting a new ExoPhone number and now you want to change it. Here's what you need to do:

1) Go to http://my.exotel.in/settings/site#sms-settings

2) Click on the 'Edit' button next to the sender ID. Remember every number can have its own sender ID. As highlighted in the image below and also you can use the same sender ID for multiple Exophone :

3) Enter a 6 letter sender ID for sending TRANSACTIONAL SMS or a 6 digit sender ID for sending PROMOTIONAL SMS. This needs to be the same as the one approved by the operator. (Please refer to the TRAI regulation to understand the complete registration process for an entity and sender ID).

4) After editing your sender ID, click “OK”. Our team will review your Sender ID and will ask for the proof of approval that you would have received from the operator. Please share a screenshot from the operator portal which has the approval. Once this is verified by our team, your sender ID will be approved on the dashboard.   

NOTE: Your sender ID will be approved only when you share the screenshot of “Approved Status” from the operator website. 

We will typically approve the sender ID within 1 working day after which the new sender ID will start reflecting in the dashboard.