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For the ease of sending text messages to multiple customers with similar content, you can make use of an SMS template. Templates define the structure and content of a message where some of it is predetermined while some content can be added while sending the message. 

Configuring an SMS template:

1. Go to Home -> Settings -> SMS Templates

2. Type out the message content. You can use the placeholders %d (for numbers) and %s (for alphanumeric text) within the template. Eg: Thanks for registering on our website. Your account number is %d. Your account manager %s will connect with you shortly.

3. Click on 'Request for Approval'. You will see a dialogue box with 5 options. Select the one that applies to the template type that you are adding and click on 'Next'.

4. Another dialogue box will appear asking for the DLT Template ID that is associated with the template. Provide the ID and click 'Next'. (More on DLT Template ID)

You will see the below prompt -

By default the template added will be shown as promotional. We will audit the template and get it approved. Once approved, you may use the SMS template through the Exotel UI or through APIs.

"My template is approved. How do I use it via the dashboard?"

1. You will find a link 'Choose a SMS template' in the SMS widget on the Exotel dashboard.

2. Click on that and select the approved template.

3. Replace the placeholders with the required content and send away to glory!