Whatsapp Campaign enables the campaign managers to run their Whatsapp campaigns to up to 5 lakh contacts along with features like the ability to send personalized messages with rich media, Campaign level Reports, Campaign level Inbox, scheduling a campaign, and much more.

Key Benefits

  1. Self-serviceability- Users can sign up using the self-serve dashboard, create and manage templates and launch their campaigns within minutes. 

  2. Schedule a campaign- Users can schedule a campaign

  3. Campaign Level Report - Users can download individual campaign-level reports, once the campaign is completed. 

  4. Live dashboard & Whatsapp message details: Each campaign has a standalone view of all campaign-level summary, real-time stats, and message details (outbox view)

Navigating the Whatsapp campaigns

  1. The Campaigns option can be found under the Tools menu on the left-hand panel of the dashboard (see the highlighted box in the image above). 

  2. The Whatsapp campaign can be found next to the SMS campaign button(see the highlighted box in the image above). 


  1. Sign-up: Signup for your WhatsApp number with Exotel’s Whatsapp Cloud API. 

  2. Verify Facebook business manager account: Verify your business manager accounts for sending unlimited messages.

  3. Create Template: Create a template from the self-serv WhatsApp dashboard.

Create Whatsapp campaign

In order to create a new WA campaign, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Whatsapp Campaign Tab from Campaign (Tools > Campaigns)

  2. Click on the Create Whatsapp Campaign button on the Campaign home page. It will open the create campaign screen. It has 4 steps to create a campaign.

  3. In the 1st step- provide campaigns details such as Campaign Name, WABA ID, Whatsapp business number, and Audience file

    1. Campaign name: Name of the campaign

    2. WABA ID: It is a dropdown field where you can select the WABA Id. Once you sign up using Exotel embedded signup page, your WABA ID will get generated and you can select the same from the dropdown

    3. Whatsapp business number: The Whatsapp business number from which messages will be sent. Select the number that is mapped to the WABA Id.

  4. Choose content type and audience

    1. You need to choose the type of list that you want to upload: 

      1. Static list: Choose this list if your template does not have an media or variables

      2. Dynamic list: Choose this list if have media or variables in your template

    2. You can either choose a pre-existing list from the dropdown shown to you, or you can create a new list during the campaign creation and we will create and use the same list for your campaign

    3. In order to select a list from the dropdown, you will need to create a list from the Lists page

    4. Once you can decided on what list you want to use, you need to select the file from the respective list. Alternatively, you can create your own file and upload it

      1. Only CSV file type is supported and up to a file size of 70 MB

      2. The first column name should be a number and only phone numbers are allowed in the column. For Indian numbers country code is optional, but for international phone numbers it is mandatory

      3. The first column (number) is mandatory while the other columns (max 5) are optional and can be customized as per the need(for dynamic lists only).

      4. Please select Dynamic List type if your message template contains dynamic media or variables. Use Static List type to send the templates without any dynamic media or variables

  5. In the 2nd step, all approved templates that are mapped to the selected WABA ID will be shown here.  Please select the appropriate template based on the campaign requirements. You can filter the template by Status and Language. You can also search with the Template name to find the required template. You can further preview a template before choosing a template. If you can’t find the right template, you may need to check the template management page or create a new one.

  1. In the next step, you need to map the dynamic variables that are present in the selected template with CSV column headers. You can select the required column names from the dropdown provided against each variable. 

    1. If the header contains any media files such as images, media, or documents, you can provide a public URL for the media 

    2. You can also preview the message while replacing the variables. Please make sure you replace the right column name with the corresponding variable

  1. Lastly in the 4th step, you can schedule the campaign. There are 2 options for scheduling. 

    1. Now: It will start the campaign 5 mins after the campaign is created

    2. Later: It will schedule the campaign at a later date and time, You can specify the date and time of the campaign. 

    3. Repeat: Repeat functionality helps to repeat the same campaign again upto 30 days from the start of the campaign. You can repeat the campaign daily or weekly. For repeating the campaign daily, you need to provide the end date of the campaign, For repeating the campaign weekly, you need to provide the days of the week and the end date of the campaign, 

  1. Once a campaign is scheduled, Click on Create Campaign button to create a Whatsapp campaign

View Campaign Details 

On the Whatsapp campaigns landing page, it shows the summary of all the Whatsapp campaigns. Whenever a new Whatsapp campaign is created the campaign starts appearing in this list.

  • The list contains the details of  the campaign such as Campaign Name, Schedule Time, Status, Performance, Created by and created date

  • There is an action menu associated with each campaign. This action menu has options to Pause/Resume/Mark as Completed/Archive/Download campaign report, based upon the state of the campaign. 

  1. Pause - Stop sending Whatsapp messages to more numbers as part of the campaign that is in progress. We can pause only scheduled and in-progress campaign

  2. Resume - Resume sending Whatsapp messages to numbers that were not sent earlier. You can resume only paused campaigns. 

  3. Complete - Mark the entire campaign as Completed. The remaining numbers are marked as “failed_expired”. You can mark only paused campaigns as completed. 

  4. Archive - Mark a campaign as archived. Only completed and scheduled campaigns can be marked as archived. 

  5. Download - Download completed Whatsapp messages campaign reports. ( Attach a sample report)

  • Filter - The list of campaigns can be filtered based on the campaign status.

  • Search - The list of campaigns is searchable by Campaign Name (minimum of three characters to start the search). 

  • Sort - The list of campaigns can be sorted by Campaign Name and Schedule Time.

  • Performance- Shows the performance of a campaign with three high-level statues - Completed, Failed & Scheduled. On hovering failed count, failed is further divided into subcategories - Failed, Failed No attempt, Failed No Balance, Invalid. On hovering scheduled count, scheduled is further divided into submitted and Scheduled messages. 

WA Campaign Summary/Stats

Clicking on the Individual Campaign will take the users to the campaign summary/stats page. The action can be changed from this page as well. The entire page is divided into two sections. On the top users can see the campaign details along with stats and at the bottom users can view the call details of that specific campaign.

  • Campaign Details: will show the details of the campaigns such as Lists, WABA ID, Sender number, Template ID, Category, Starts at, End Time, message content etc.

  • Campaign Stats: This section shows the number-level statistics of that campaign. You can click on the ‘refresh’ icon to get the latest data. There is a delay of a maximum of 5 minutes with respect to real-time data. A number can be in the following possible states in a campaign: 

  1. Scheduled: The numbers that are yet to be sent out 

  2. Submitted: This means that the messages submitted from our system to Meta

  3. Sent: The message was sent from Meta

  4. Delivered: the message is received by the end-user

  5. Read:  the message is read by the end-user

  6. Failed: the message failed to deliver

  7. Failed No Attempt: messages that were not sent because the campaign was marked as completed in between, or the end time reached before the list was exhausted, or the campaign has hit the maximum allowed duration of 2 days

  8. Failed No Balance: messages that were not sent because of low balance in your Exotel account

  9. Invalid: If the numbers are invalid such as not a 10-digit number or number does not exist

View Message Details

This section shows the list of messages that are sent as a part of the Whatsapp campaign. It captures message details such as Number, Name(Valid if the contact is saved in the address book), Detailed Status, Sent time, Delivered time etc. It also has an action menu that shows more details about the messages like the message sid and read time