What is URL shortening

URLs in your SMS can be long at times. Long URLs consume a lot of characters and leave you less space for the message content. Shortening the URL helps you to reduce the number of characters in SMS and allow you to stick to the 160 characters limit for SMS. Shortened URL is trustable and hence increases the chances of clicking. You can also track customers' click data as well if you enable URL shortening.

How to use URL shortening in SMS campaign

From Dashboard- There is a URL Shortening and tracking section available in the Create SMS campaign

  1. Require URL shortening- Select Yes in order to enable URL shortening. If you select Yes, it will convert any URL present in your SMS body and convert it into a short URL consisting of 21 characters(for example- https://exo.tl/vhdpzv). Every SMS in the campaign will have a different short code, i.e. the last 6 characters of the short URL will be different. If there are multiple URLs, all URLs will be shortened. The default expiry of the URL is 30 days.
  2. Enable Click tracking: Select Yes, if you want to track user's action on the URL. Please remember URL shortening has to be enabled to click tracking the data. Click tracing will capture the data like total clicks and unique clicks. Currently, click tracking data is not pushed to callback URL (webhook). 
  3. Click tracking_callback URL: Please provide your webhook url where we will post the tracking details for each number. Provide the url only if Click tracking is enabled.

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