1. Whatsapp onboarding for the phone number to be used with CT is completed.

  2. Infra URL & credentials are available with you (shared during onboarding)

To activate a new phone number with Whatsapp business API via Exotel, reach out to your account manager or drop a note to


  1. Customers should have Whatsapp add-on enabled on their Clevertap account in addition to the basic price plan.

Steps to enable CT Whatsapp integration.

Step 1: Log in to your Exotel account and locate the API credentials.

Find your API KEY and API TOKEN oDashboard > SETTINGS: API

Step 2: Log in to your Clevertap account and go to Settings> Channels> Whatsapp and select Provider as Other(Generic) from the drop-down.

Step 3: Enter the details of the configuration as follows:

  • Nickname: Exotel

  • Whatsapp Business Number: Your phone number is onboarded to Whatsapp API by Exotel

  • Request Type: POST

  • HTTP Endpoint 

For :                   

Replace  Exotel with your Account SID

  • Authentication: Select “Basic Authentication” & enter details from step 2

    • Username: <API Key>

    • Password: <API Token> 

Step 4: Copy the Delivery report Inbound message callback URLs from the Clevertap configuration.

Step 5: Share the following details of your Whatsapp-enabled phone number with Exotel support at mentioning that you’d like to enable the Whatsapp integration with Clevertap.

URL : port XXXX

Username: Abcorp

Password: XXXXXXXX

Phone number: 734550771X

Account SID: Abc_1

Delivery Report Callback URL ( From Clevertap)

Inbound Message Callback URL ( From Clevertap)

The support team would configure the callbacks with your Whatsapp phone number and the integration is ready to use.

Wait for the confirmation from the support team to proceed further. ( ETA: <24 hours)

Note: In order to use templates whitelisted on the META business manager dashboard provided by Exotel, these would need to be added to the Clevertap dashboard. 

If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to get in touch with