Send SMS to your customers or start an SMS broadcast on CleverTap via Exotel's native plugin. Follow the steps below to complete the integration and enjoy seamless communication.

Step 1 - Login to your Exotel account and upload details to be DLT compliant 

As per the DLT mandate, the following details are required to send an SMS. Kindly configure these under Settings on your Exotel Dashboard. 

  • Entity ID - Entity ID is the unique ID provided to your business.

  • Sender ID - The 6 digit ID from which the SMS will be sent.

  • Template ID - Template ID is the unique ID for each transactional or promotional SMS that you wish to use. 

  • Template Details - Upload the DLT approved templates for the messages you would like to send to your customers. 

  • SMS Type - SMS Types are used to classify different types of messages as per the purpose, e.g. transactional, service explicit, service implicit, and promotional.  

Step 2 - Keep the information from Exotel Dashboard handy - 

Find your Account sid, API KEY and API TOKEN on Dashboard > SETTINGS: API




Find your Sender ID on Dashboard > SETTINGS: API  > Sender ID



Find your Entity ID on Dashboard > SETTINGS: API  > SMS DLT Settings



Find your DLT Template ID on

Step 3 - Login to your CleverTap account and enter configuration details 

On the CleverTap dashboard, navigate to Settings > Engage > Channels > SMS

Click on +Add Provider and select Exotel . 


Fill in the requested details

  • Nickname - Enter a Nickname to identify your SMS Configuration 

  • Callback URL - This field is reserved by cleverTap team to showcase your SMS delivery reports.

  • Account SID - (Refer to Step 2)

  • API Key - (Refer to Step 2)

  • API Token - (Refer to Step 2)

  • Region (API Subdomain) - Contact our support team to understand your subdomain.

  • From/Sender ID - (Refer to Step 2). Please note that if you have multiple Sender IDs, you will need to have separate configurations for each of them.

If you have not configured all the parameters mentioned in Step 1 on the Exotel dashboard, you would need to add these as well to CleverTap - 

  • SMSType - Choose from the below SMS Types as per your requirement -  

    • transactional (OTPs or service implicit content)

    • transactional_opt_in (service explicit content)

    • promotional (promotional content with numeric header)

  • DltEntityId - Entity ID (Refer to Step 2)

  • TemplateId - $$TemplateID

Step 4 - Send a Test SMS

To ensure that the integration is working as expected, you can send a test SMS by clicking on Send test SMS. In the dialogue box presented, enter these details, then hit Send Test.

  • Country Code and Mobile number to which you would like to send the message

  • MessageThis is a test message powered by Exotel. Report abuse to +918088919888 -Exotel

Step 5 - Start using the plugin!

Now that your SMS plugin is ready, you can use it to send SMS to customers. 

Create a campaign by referring to and choose Exotel as the provider.

If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to get in touch with