Company/Entity Registration:

  • Register your entity, headers, and templates via any of the DLT partners platform listed below.

  • Here’s an example of the registration process on one of the DLT partners' platforms.

  • Documents you need to upload and keep handy during the registration process:

  • Proof of business identity (Govt issued) - Business PAN

  • Proof of business entity - GST or TAN certificate

  • Letter of authorisation (allowing the right person to register on behalf of your business)

  • The authorised individual’s ID (Govt issued)

  • Exotel’s Telemarketer ID:  110200001174

  • Once registered on any one of the platforms, you need to update your KYC on other operator’s DLT portals to ensure better delivery of your SMS using your unique PE ID (principal entity ID).

    Please note: The registration on these platforms may carry a fee, this fee is not charged or collected by Exotel. You shall not be charged registration fees for KYC upload on other platforms once you are allocated a unique PE ID (principal entity ID).

*Exotel recommends that you update your KYC at least on Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, and Jio platforms.

P.S. - Once you have received the approval from the operator, you will be provided with a Principal Entity ID. Please use this ID for Header, Template, and Consent Registration.