Exotel Freshdesk Integration enables contextual association of calls with tickets. It enables an agent to have Incoming Call intimation, visualize the call details along with call recordings and provide Click2Call capabilities. A seamless integration for an enhanced agent productivity and better experience.


Key Benefits:

  1. Call Intimations - Get the notification on your Freshdesk, whenever any Incoming call comes on to your customer facing Exotel Number or an outbound call is initiated from Freshdesk

  2. Automated Ticket Creation - Ability to create/update a ticket and associate the call with it. Automatic ticket creation for Missed Calls

  3. Click2Call - Initiate call between you and your customer, directly from the Freshdesk

  4. Call Details - Call Recordings and Call Duration getting automatically added to the tickets.

  5. User Mapping - Map Exotel Agents to Freshdesk Users and enable Click-2-Call

  6. Work on just one interface and improve your agent productivity by eliminating context-switching.


Follow the following prerequisites and steps to configure the integration both at Exotel and Freshdesk end.


In order to have a successful integration with the Freshdesk account, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Sign up for an Exotel Account.

  2. Verify your account through phone or email. 

  3. Get your account KYC verified.

  4. Purchase ExoPhone to be used by FreshDesk users/agents for inbound and outbound calls.

  5. From API section, make a note of Account SID, API Key and API Token

Setting up of Exotel Integration

In order to set up the integration, follow these five steps:

  1. Create Co-Workers and Group

  2. Configure Freshdesk Plugin Call flow

  3. Associate the call flow to the ExoPhones

  4. Enable Integration 

  5. Map the Freshdesk User to Exotel Agents in the Integration interface and enable Click-2-Call (if required)



Step 1: Create Co-Workers and Group

To create co-workers and group in Exotel:

  1. In my.exotel.com, go to ‘Co-workers and Groups’ section

  2. Add all the co-workers corresponding to Freshdesk account, by clicking on Invite co-workers

  3. Create a new group, by clicking ‘Add Group’ and add all the co-workers in that group


Step 2: Configure Freshdesk Plugin Call flow

In order to create the Freshdesk Plugin Call flow, follow these five steps:

  1. Go to ‘App Bazar’ section and under ‘Custom Apps’ click on ‘Create’ button

  2. Provide the App Name and click on OK.

  3. Add a Connect Applet


  1. Select the Group as created earlier, under ‘Dial a user or group’ option.

  2. Under ‘Distribute Calls’ section, select ‘Sequentially’ and remaining options as shown below:

  1. Under ‘Create popup…’ section, enter this URL (modify the Exotel account name in it by your Exotel account name:

URL: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@<middleware_subdomain>/v2/accounts/<accountSid>/call-events?event=pop

Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=pop


  1. After the Call Conversation ends, add a Passthru. In that passthrough enter this URL (change the accountSid):

URL: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@<middleware_subdomain>/v2/accounts/<accountSid>/call-events?event=answered

Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=answered

  1. In section ‘If Nobody Answers..’, select 'Go To' and add a Passthru. Enter the passthru URL (change the accountSid) as:

URL: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@<middleware_subdomain>/v2/accounts/<accountSid>/call-events?event=missed  

Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=missed

  1. Save the flow and click on Close.

Step 3: Associate the call flow to the ExoPhones

  1. Go to ExoPhones section 
  2. Click on the button ‘Assign ExoPhones to Flow’ and select the flow created in Step 2 with the ExoPhone and click on ‘Attach Flow’
  3. In the subsequent pop-up, click on OK and you can see the flow getting associated to ExoPhone.

Step 4: Enable Integration - Freshdesk App Installation

  1. Login into Freshdesk account 

  2. Click on the settings icon  

  1. Click on Apps under Helpdesk Productivity.

  1. Click on the Apps tab.

  2.  Search for Exotel CTI App 

  3. Click on the Install button  

  1. Open the FD App in separate tab & Capture Freshdesk API Key from Profile page:  

    Click on your profile picture on the top right and select 'Profile Settings'. In the sidebar on the right, you will find the API Key. In the sidebar on the right, you will find the API Key

  2. Enter all required fields in the installation page 

Freshdesk Domain

Freshdesk API Key

  • Enter the Freshdesk API key

Region of Exotel Account

  • Select the region from the dropdown list.

Exotel SID

  • Enter the Exotel Account SID.

Exotel API Key (recommended to create a new API key & token for 

  • Enter the Exotel API Key

Exotel API Token

  • Enter the Exotel API Token

EndPoint URL

Ticket Auto-Assignment to Agents

  • Enable the option to assign the tickets to the agents

Click to get agent roles

  •  Enable the option to list the Agent Roles

Freshdesk Agent Roles

  •  Select required roles from the dropdown list (Multiple roles can be selected) that can access the user Mapping Screen to map Freshdesk Agents to Exotel Mobile Numbers

  • Click on the Install Button.

  1. Once Installation is complete, Refresh the page and verify that the Exotel CTI  icon is added to the side panel  successfully.

Step 5: User Mapping

  1. Go to Home page (Dashboard)
  2. Click on the Exotel CTI icon in the left panel. Pop up should open up
  3. Click on Settings icon on top right corner
  4. User Mapping panel opens up on the right side of the screen.
  5. Click on New button and add User Details.
  6. You can use Edit or Delete icon against each user to modify or delete the mapping.

Device on-off


To Provide Agents using Exotel CTI in Freshdesk CRM a CTA to get their device status and alter the same from the CRM. This will eliminate the need of context switching and performing this action from the exotel dashboard.

Sub - Features:

  • Get Device status

  • Update user device

  • Refresh (in case of error or as a fallback)

How to: 

  1. Launch the Exotel CTI in the freshdesk account.

  2. Click on the device status button. The present status gets reflected.

  1. Use the toggle button to change the device status of the agent.

  1. Use the Refresh button in case of an error.

  1. If the error repeats, please contact hello@exotel.in

IVR/Gather digits in ticket details


To provide Freshdesk CTI users, who specifically use IVR and/or Gather applet in their exotel call flows, with the IVR/Gather digits along with their respective representation as a part of call ticket details in the CRM. 

Sub - Features:

  • Automated ticket creation in FD for all incoming call flows which have IVR and/or Gather applet. 

  • IVR Digit inputs for incoming calls gets automatically updated in FD tickets

  • Gather Digit inputs for incoming calls

  • Representation of each IVR digit in the order of occurrence

How to:

  1. Edit the Exotel call flow in the Exotel app bazaar.

  2. In the IVR applet, for each IVR keypress add a passthru applet

  3. In the passthru applet URL, enter the following URL:


Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=ivr


If you want the respective representation of the each IVR digit to also be added in the ticket details then:


URL: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@<middleware_subdomain>/v2/accounts/<accountSid>/call-events?event=ivr&ivr_tag_<number>=<representation_of_keypress>

Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=ivr&ivr_tag_1=lang_english


  1. To notify the end of the flow, add another passthru applet in the “In response” section of the last passthru of the last IVR keypress or Gather applet and add the following URL. This is a mandatory step for passing the inputs to the FD ticket.


Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=end


  1. For Gather applet, add a passthru applet, in the “When the caller entered one or more input digits... “ section and enter the below URL:


Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=gather


If you want the respective representation of the gather digits to also be added in the ticket details then:


URL: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@<middleware_subdomain>/v2/accounts/<accountSid>/call-events?event=gather&gather_tag_<number>=<representation_of_gather_input>

Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=ivr&gather_tag_1=customer_account_number

Screenshots of tickets with IVR and Gather inputs:

Voicemail recording passed to FD tickets:


To provide Freshdesk CTI users, who specifically use the voicemail applet in their exotel call flows, with the voicemail recording in the call ticket details of Freshdesk.


How to:

  1. Edit the Exotel call flow in the Exotel app bazaar.

  2. In the voicemail applet, add a passthru applet at the end

  1. In the passthru applet URL, enter the following URL:


Middleware_subdomain: freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in 

E.g: https://<exotel_APIKey>:<exotel_APIToken>@freshdesk.mum1.exotel.in/v2/accounts/exotel535/call-events?event=voicemail


Screenshots of tickets with voicemail recording:

Call a new number


To provide users with the capability to make a call to a new number from Freshdesk without having to add a contact.

How to:

  • Open the Exotel app in Freshdesk, the window that opens by default is where you can type in the number and click on call.


  • Click on the     button to go to the call history page

  • From call history page, click on the    button to go back to the default calling page

Known Limitations:

  • On-Call Events: For both Incoming Call and Outbound Call pop-ups, the call events (like CallAnswered, Ringing, etc.) will not be triggered. Hence, once the call is over, click on ‘Answered’ and do the subsequent action.
  • Call Recording Upload: The call recordings will be uploaded under ticket details within an interval of 5 minutes. The agent need to refresh the Freshdesk ticket screen after 5 minutes of call completed, in order to see the respective call recordings.

Freshdesk App - UI screens

 Call History Screen

Call Notes Screen

Incoming Call Notification screen

Ticket History screen to Add notes to existing Ticket

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