What is NDA?

One of the oldest and most commonly prepared agreements, a Non-Disclosure Agreement essentially brings confidence to two parties negotiating that one of the parties will not use the information shared confidentially to the disadvantage of the other side.

As the name suggests, is nothing more than a promise not to reveal any confidential information or the data that we acquire in the course of your relationship with Exotel. 

We have a standard NDA which covers some of the below-listed points 

· Confidential Information

· Nondisclosure

· Return of Data information & timeline

· Exclusions

· Terms 

· No Rights Granted

· Warranty

· General Provisions

We are open to signing the NDA shared by our customers which we would like to review and come to common terms of the agreement and take it further.

Signing this agreement will involve a one-time fixed Fee.

To know more information feel free to call us on 08088919888 or write to us at  hello@exotel.in