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Transactional SMSes are sent from Exotel immediately without any delay. They are mostly delivered within a couple of seconds after it is sent from your end. Also, the delivery status of the transactional SMSes is provided by the operator and hence Exotel shall display the status provided by the operator.



Please note that the flow of the Transactional SMSes would be:


You trigger the SMS via Exotel -> Exotel submits to the Operator -> Operator will revert back with the status of the SMS(whether delivered or not) -> Exotel updates the status provided by the operator as it is. 


However, the same does not apply to promotional SMSes as there are time restrictions set by TRAI that we need to comply with. As per the latest TRAI regulations, Promotional SMSes are allowed only between 10 AM - 9 PM. Let’s say you would like to deliver a Promotional SMS to a customer at around 10 PM which is clearly out of the deadline, we shall be able to dispatch this SMS only after 10 AM the next day.  


 Also, the operators have stopped sending Delivery Reports (DLRs) for Promotional SMSs (SMS sent with numeric sender ID) in alignment with TRAI regulation from 7th October 2020. That is, there would be no confirmation provided by the operator for these SMSes whether the SMSes are delivered to the handset or not. Exotel will mark such SMS based on successful submission to operators i.e. 'Status' will be 'sent' and 'DetailedStatus' will be 'DELIVERED_TO_OPERATOR'.


Please note that the flow of the Promotional SMSes would be:


You trigger SMS via Exotel -> Exotel submits to the Operator -> Exotel will update the status of a submission to the operator.

Any SMS is charged basis of the submission to the operator as Exotel would be charged for all the SMSes submitted to the operator irrespective of transactional or promotional. Please note that the SMSes are charged irrespective of SMS is being delivered or not.

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888