As you may already know, Exotel maintains the list of phone numbers subscribed to TRAI-regulated DND (Do Not Disturb) / NCPR (National Customer Preference Registry). In general, a phone number that enabled DND should not be dialed for marketing/commercial calls. Exotel differentiates these as transactional calls and promotional calls


Currently, Exotel does not allow outgoing calls to DND numbers. But if a DND number has called your Exotel number previously in the last 6 months, we allow Transactional calls to be made to that number.

Please note that by default even if the calls are transactional, the calls to the DND registered number can't be dialed.


We understand that this may pose a business problem for you as you may want to contact a registered customer who has not called you on your Exotel number yet. 

For eg: A customer who has registered on your website for your product/service.


You can get in touch with us for enabling the open-DND services for your account. You can reach us on 8088919888 or write to

How does it work?


Enabling calling on DND numbers is a two-step process.


Step 1: Exotel requires a screenshot of a lead in your CRM or lead management system. In the below format where the lead name, URL, phone number, and company name are visible. In the absence of a CRM screenshot, regulators approve any of the below sample documents.


1. Application hard copy: Subscription details to be clearly mentioned with name, phone number, and signature sample below.

2. Transaction slip: Invoice or payment slip which must not be older than 6 months & must contain either portal link (URL) or company name/logo along with customer details.

3. Mail entries captured in SQL 


Step 2:  We need a signed and stamped copy of your letterhead where the below text is mentioned. 


(your company name) known as (tenant ID) is using Exotel to make transactional calls to its registered users only. In case of any violation, (your company name) would be able to provide the opt-in proof within 24 hours. If (your company name) is not able to provide the proof within 24 hours, Exotel reserves the right to disconnect the connection without any notice. (your company name) agrees to the terms of service mentioned here -


Once we have received the opt-ins, they will flow through an internal approval process. Post-approval, we can proceed further with the request.

Support contact details: