As per our email notification on Oct 30, 2017, you must be aware that Reliance is winding down their 2G business. They are expected to shut down services soon and to ensure the continuity of your customer facing mobile number, please go through the following steps to understand if you* need to take any steps towards this -

*In case you're not the point of contact (POC) for tasks relating to Exotel, we request you to pass this information to the concerned person / team

  1. Identify the list of all the customer facing mobile numbers that your company uses. These tips may help -
    • You may want to reach out to all the different teams and departments from your firm to get this information (Support, Sales, Marketing etc.)
    • Check your company website / app to see what numbers have been published
  2. Once you have the list, then check the ownership of these numbers. Ideally, they would belong to one of the following entities -
    • Your company (Corporate number)
    • An individual from your company (or someone outside the company)
    • Exotel - you may login to your Exotel dashboard and navigate to the ExoPhones section to check if there are any Mobile Numbers being used in your account
      • In case any numbers show up on your dashboard, please do not worry about those as we would take care of them and you would not need to take any steps from here on forward
  3. In case the numbers belong to either you (an individual) or your company, then check if all the numbers belong to Reliance
    • You may make use of 3rd party website (like this one here) to see the Operator, Region and other information
  4. Check if the call forwarding is setup from mobile number(s) to any of the ExoPhones from your account. This can be checked by either of the following methods -
    • Insert the SIM into a phone and check for the call forwarding settings
    • Call the customer facing mobile number directly and then check if the same call has landed on your Exotel account - you may do this by logging in to your Exotel dashboard and searching for the mobile number within the recent call logs in your Inbox

Once you've identified the customer facing Reliance mobile numbers that you or your company owns and has a call-forwarding setup to an ExoPhone, you may then choose to port these numbers to a different Operator.

We recommend switching to Vodafone. The reason being that Vodafone supports switch level call forwarding and also eliminates the call forwarding tone. This makes your customers' experience smoother. We have already tested this and it works without any problem when you forward calls to our ExoPhones. Therefore we suggest that you port the customer facing number to Vodafone or buy a new Vodafone GSM number.

Note that Vodafone allows call forwarding without the 'forwarding tone' ("Please wait, your call is being forwarded") only for intra-city setup i.e. the customer facing mobile number should be of the same region / circle (city) as that of your ExoPhone. Here is a list of circles where we currently provide the landline ExoPhones from -

  1. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana - 040
  2. Delhi - 011
  3. Gujarat - 079
  4. Karnataka - 080
  5. Maharashtra (Pune) - 020
  6. Mumbai - 022
  7. Tamil Nadu - 044
  8. West Bengal - 033

Here are a list of documents you will need to port your number to Vodafone and once you have these available, please reach out to us with the following details -

Contact Person's
Contact Person's
Customer Facing
Mobile Number
(Region / Circle)
ExoPhone to which forwarding
need to be setup

Please share the required details in the aforementioned format via email to