Exotel allows you to make outbound calls to DND numbers which have been "whitelisted". This FAQ explains in detail about how to whitelist a DND number.

Exotel also provides a way for you to  check if a number has been whitelisted or not. This can be done using the following API.

API Spec:-

Request Method: GET
Request URL: /v1/Accounts/<tenant>/CustomerWhitelist/<number>
Response XML:




REST API Specification



 URL     https://<sid>:<token>@api.exotel.com/v1/Accounts/<sid>/CustomerWhitelist/<number>


 CODE  Success - 200
 Client-Side Error - 4XX
 Server-Side Error - 5XX
 TYPE  application/xml
 BODY Result/Status:
Whitelist   - The number has been whitelisted. You can make outbound calls to this number!

Blacklist   - The number has been blacklisted. The number has explicitly unsubscribed from getting your calls.

Neutral   -  You cannot make outbound calls to this number.

Customer   - The customer had made an inbound call to your ExoPhone and has automatically been whitelisted
Agent    - This number belongs to your co-worker (Exotel user). All co-workers numbers are automatically whitelisted
API    - You have used the Customer whitelisting API to whitelist this number

Result/Expiry: Contains the number of seconds after which the number will not be in this state (typically whitelist)
-1    - There is no expiry. The number remains in this state forever.