This app is for you if you don't have an Inside sales or telemarketing team to "cold call" prospective leads in order to generate interest for your product or service amongst them. 

The following are the terms and are inexhaustive. This service is still in it's beta, so please allow us to change a few minor things even as we figure all the details out: 

  • On Installation of app, a small one time fee** (Refer App Bazaar for latest fee) will be deducted
  • On installation, You will be paired with one of our call center partners. Partners maintain the same service level quality & trust with you. They may also have their own Privacy policies in their website. 
  • On project approval, partner will now add "people on the cloud" who will use your exotel account to make these outgoing calls. 
  • Call charges would be 6Rs per minute. This would be charged normally in your exotel account and a separate line item will appear in your bills
  • By adding additional (on demand) users into your account, you will also incur user related charges. Please refer to the pricing page for the latest rates. There is an addon app in the app bazaar to reduce user rental charges too. 
  • Our agents on demand are in the city of Mumbai. So, if you have an Exophone that is outside mumbai circle, then incoming calls will be charged at STD rates. Please refer pricing page for the latest rates. 
  • Because "Lead generation" calls are costlier, please ensure that you topup your exotel account using one of our usual payment methods such that it has enough balance. 
  • Depending on your agreement with our partner, they will share the data (typically a specific set of details about your customer) with you daily typically over email in a excel sheet. 
  • On delivery & completion of work, You uninstall "Lead generation" app in your account. On Uninstall - our partner's obligation to support you has ended. He will proceed to removing additional users in your account and bring your system back to it's original state. 
  • While we have taken all care to select the best companies we know as our partners, If you are not satisfied with the quality of work, feel free to uninstall the app at any time to end your payment obligations. 

** This is our way of ensuring that our partners get only serious enquiries. We acknowledge that "One time fee" may not be the best way to achieve our objective. If you have a better idea, please suggest.